Meaning of medicine show in English:

medicine show

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historical North American
  • A travelling show in which entertainers attracted customers to whom medicine could be sold.

    ‘he ran away again, this time joining a medicine show’
    • ‘He has also done a series of self-portraits based on a traveling medicine show in which he once performed.’
    • ‘Eventually, the family became a medicine show, traveling the Mid-West.’
    • ‘Rodgers continued to work on the railroad and perform comedy with medicine shows while he sang.’
    • ‘Sonny lived with his sister for a while, but soon began touring with a medicine show.’
    • ‘They're all self-portraits and they all have to do with a medicine show performance I used to do.’
    • ‘Well, in the 60s and 70s I was doing medicine shows when people my age were listening to Jimi Hendrix.’
    • ‘His father immediately tracked him down and brought him back home, yet he ran away again, this time joining a medicine show.’
    • ‘He was a boy piano player in the 1800s in the Wild West with a medicine show.’
    • ‘The idea that remedies from a far-away, exotic location are more potent than anything home grown harkens back to the traveling medicine shows of the 19th century.’
    • ‘In the old days, bands were playing medicine shows or vaudeville, where you had to capture your audience immediately or you were booted off the stage.’