Meaning of Mediterranean climate in English:

Mediterranean climate


  • A climate distinguished by warm, wet winters under prevailing westerly winds and calm, hot, dry summers, as is characteristic of the Mediterranean region and parts of California, Chile, South Africa, and south-western Australia.

    ‘Much of southern Australia experiences a typical Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and predominantly winter rainfall.’
    • ‘While Ginkgo biloba is a hardy tree, it prefers areas with a distinct seasonality and moderate rainfall, such as Mediterranean climates with wet winters and hot summers.’
    • ‘Both Southern California and South Africa's Western Cape Province have Mediterranean climates, characterized by long, dry summers and mild but wet winters.’
    • ‘The Mediterranean climate has long dry sunny warm summers, and the winters often see periods of intense rainfall.’
    • ‘By midsummer, many plants go dormant - typical for plants from Mediterranean climates where warm, dry summers follow mild, wet winters.’
    • ‘Many of the world's vineyards are in Mediterranean climates where the rain falls mostly over the winter, and the summers are dry and hot.’
    • ‘The region along the Adriatic coast has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot, dry summers.’
    • ‘So the picture of South Australia as a Mediterranean climate with good food and wine and affordable housing is an attractive thing here.’
    • ‘The plants are native to California and other Mediterranean climates, so they adapt well to the Bay Area's summer-dry conditions and don't need much water once established.’
    • ‘The Croatian coast has a Mediterranean climate, with winter temperatures ranging from five to ten degrees and summer temperatures ranging from 26 to 30 degrees.’
    • ‘The Aegean region also has a Mediterranean climate.’
    • ‘Areas along the coast enjoy a warm Mediterranean climate while those in the mountains to the north have cold winters and rainy summers.’
    • ‘Its western side has a Mediterranean climate, so many village households have their own small vineyard.’
    • ‘Dormancy also occurs in summer in some perennial grasses originating from Mediterranean climates.’
    • ‘Galicia has a temperate rather than a Mediterranean climate, it faces the Atlantic Ocean to the west and has four seasons including a cold and wet winter.’
    • ‘Córdoba has a typical Mediterranean climate with wet, mild winters and long, dry, hot summers.’
    • ‘Bougainvillea is such a plant - forever associated with Mediterranean climates and Spanish-style homes.’
    • ‘Many California natives have the same exposure, water, and soil needs as plants from similar Mediterranean climates.’
    • ‘Unlike many other narcissi, paper-whites are native to Mediterranean climates.’
    • ‘Majorca is known for its pleasant Mediterranean climate.’