Meaning of medium dry in English:

medium dry

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  • (of an alcoholic drink) having a flavour between dry and sweet.

    ‘we ordered a glass of medium dry white wine’
    • ‘a bottle of medium dry sherry’
    • ‘The wine is medium dry with vibrantly crisp acidity.’
    • ‘The white wines, dry to medium dry depending on the year, are made exclusively from the long-lived Chenin Blanc.’
    • ‘A complete wine kit that makes six bottles of medium dry red or white in three weeks costs £11.25.’
    • ‘Even champagne drinkers will appreciate this medium dry, high-quality, floral, spritzy Italian job.’
    • ‘This bottle had a fresh, medium dry taste—not untypical for a white of its genre.’
    • ‘We ordered two glasses of dry white wine, but had to settle for a medium dry.’
    • ‘A label was developed for the easy, medium dry style of young white wine sold in inns throughout Germany which initially showed several nuns in brown habits against a bright blue sky.’
    • ‘A rough, medium dry wine called soma has been made in India with local grapes for 5,000 years, but is nowhere now.’
    • ‘As a result of its success in the English-speaking world, Moselle became a generic name for any light, medium dry, faintly aromatic wine.’
    • ‘At the airport I think of the considerably cooler temperatures that await me the moment the aircraft door swings open at Edinburgh Airport and decide to purchase a bottle of the medium dry wine.’
    • ‘Light amber in colour with a fresh, lightly peated smoky nose, its taste is medium dry, smooth, and fruity with a reassuringly rich and well-rounded finish.’
    • ‘Once seated in the half-full restaurant we ordered a glass of medium dry house white wine to whet our palates before the starters arrived.’
    • ‘Though they range in style from bone dry to gloriously sweet, the majority of them are delightful everyday drinking wines, usually low in alcohol, medium dry and pleasing on the palate.’
    • ‘Medium dry cider is for those who prefer a little sweetness and a fuller flavour and is particularly suited to red meat, pork, and oriental food.’
    • ‘In its grapey bouquet one can detect a faint muscat-like undertone while the easy-drinking palate is fresh and medium dry.’