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medium wave


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  • 1mainly British A radio wave of a frequency between 300 kHz and 3 MHz.

    as modifier ‘a medium-wave transmitter’
    • ‘The existing medium-wave frequencies will still be used for Radio Five.’
    • ‘If you must playlist this record, please do so after 20:00, when your medium-wave frequency becomes all but useless.’
    • ‘It has also awarded the country's first-ever, specialist religious service licence to Solas AM, which will broadcast on the medium-wave band to Dublin city and county.’
    • ‘The radio's sound reproduction was good, but reception on the medium-wave and long-wave bands was unusually poor for a Ford.’
    • ‘The Tullamore medium wave transmitter, which carries RTE Radio 1, has neither national coverage or full UK coverage.’
    • ‘After the crisis last year we increased our Persian and Pashto output and introduced a new medium wave frequency.’
    • ‘But a Leeds company had already registered that name, and so it was changed to reflect its frequency, 270 on the medium wave.’
    • ‘The Top 20 was broadcast by Radio Luxembourg from 11 till midnight on Sundays, fading in and out from 208 on the medium wave.’
    • ‘BBC Radio Shropshire has just had two new FM transmitters installed for the south Shropshire / Ludlow area, which means it can hand over its medium wave transmitter at Woofferton to BBC Hereford & Worcester.’
    • ‘Additional short wave frequencies into the Eastern Arab world are being used, and the medium wave transmissions have been boosted.’
    • ‘Most were shed from its UK-wide medium wave transmission.’
    • ‘Until now the Asian Network has been broadcasting in the Midlands and the North on medium wave frequencies.’
    • ‘BBC Arabic also broadcasts throughout the Arab world on shortwave and medium wave frequencies.’
    • ‘Elsewhere in Afghanistan, BBC World Service is available on short wave and medium wave frequencies.’
    • ‘It also proposes intercepting and monitoring long- and medium-wave domestic broadcasts in Japan.’
    • ‘The BBC is responding to listeners' demand for better radio reception by expanding its medium wave transmissions to India.’
    • ‘His was a late night show and medium wave radio from Britain only reached my home town on the continent after dark.’
    1. 1.1mass noun Broadcasting using a medium-wave frequency.
      ‘you can no longer get that station on medium wave’
      • ‘Presenter Steve Scruton, who created the idea for Pirate BBC Essex, will broadcast live simultaneously on medium wave, FM and the internet.’
      • ‘In most of the eastern Arab world, BBC broadcasts are heard on medium wave, and in key cities the BBC is available on FM.’
      • ‘Meanwhile in the Midlands, where the station has been broadcasting on medium wave since 1996, listening is at an all time record with 214,000 regularly tuning into the station.’
      • ‘It also improves choice when we split our frequencies for events like sport, when our usual programmes continue on FM, and one-off events are broadcast on medium wave.’
      • ‘There are 1.2 million analogue listeners in the UK, despite BBC World Service only being available in daytime hours on medium wave in the south east of England and overnight on Radio 4, Radio Ulster and Radio Wales.’
      • ‘The BBC Arabic Service also broadcasts 720 and 639 kHz on medium wave to the Eastern Mediterranean and 1314 and 702 kHz in the Gulf region.’
      • ‘Crucially, he said, the station broadcasts on medium wave in Iraq.’
      • ‘Up until now the BBC Asian Network's audience has only been measured in its Midland heartland where it reaches 150,000 listeners who mainly listen to the station on medium wave.’
      • ‘Previously, the region's listeners were only able to pick up the station on medium wave.’
      • ‘It is also available on medium wave in parts of the Midlands, Yorkshire and Lancashire.’
      • ‘Programmes can also be heard on medium wave and short wave across the country.’
      • ‘Sports fans who wish to listen to BBC 5 Live on medium wave will have to put up with poor reception and engine related interference, and there is no LW band.’
      • ‘Magic, which has the slogan ‘the biggest hits, the greatest memories,’ is already broadcast on FM in London and on medium wave across the north of England.’
      • ‘Radio enthusiasts never cease to be fascinated by the romance of all the station names displayed on the panel which brought listeners stations on medium wave, long wave, and short wave bands.’
      • ‘If I can receive it on medium wave I listen to Swindon and Wiltshire Classic Gold.’
      • ‘Even on medium wave with the hissy sound you knew you were hearing something special.’
      • ‘BBC World Service broadcasts in 43 languages, including Portuguese, in more than 200 countries around the world in short wave, medium wave and FM.’
      • ‘It has localised the format to bid for new FM licences in Glasgow and the West Midlands so more listeners outside London don't have to tune in to the station in medium wave.’
      • ‘Test Match Special can be heard during the summer on Radio 4 Long Wave on 198 metres, or 720 metres medium wave in London.’
      • ‘An eight-hour programme written by the volunteers will be run three times daily, seven days a week on 1449 khz medium wave.’