Meaning of meet one's match in English:

meet one's match


  • Encounter one's equal in strength or ability.

    ‘Iris had met her match’
    • ‘I want to congratulate you on being a great interviewer, but I think you've met your match.’
    • ‘In some of the most humble people in the world, the would-be makers of the economic commandments may well have met their match.’
    • ‘But Edinburgh's dreaded parking attendants have finally met their match in the shape of the doughty Balmoral Hotel.’
    • ‘However, on Wednesday they met their match even before stepping onto the cricket pitch.’
    • ‘It is where some of Australia's great outback legends were created, and where some met their match.’
    • ‘I imagine they have made some bawdy bravado remark about wanting to see someone's helmet, and have met their match.’
    • ‘Professional eater that I am, I confess I met my match - even with the help of the women at the table taking their nibbling bites, I couldn't finish the dessert.’
    • ‘It's also reassuring to have finally met my match in ineptness.’
    • ‘And in the case of Saturday night's incident, the attacker nearly met his match.’
    • ‘But at last our cold weather adventurer had met his match.’