Meaning of meet someone's eye in English:

meet someone's eye


(also meet someone's eyes)
  • 1Be visible.

    ‘the sight that met his eyes was truly amazing’
    • ‘They ran outside, and an incredible sight met their eyes.’
    • ‘When they came to the top, a beautiful sight met their eyes.’
    • ‘The ballroom at the hotel was set for the night and as Natalie and Kate went through its doors a spectacular sight met their eyes.’
    • ‘A curious sight met their eyes as they came cautiously around the foremast.’
    • ‘When they reached the top, all three stable hands were awed by the sight that met their eyes.’
    • ‘When the pair broke through the bushes that lead to their home a horrible sight met their eyes.’
    • ‘When my family walked out of the gate, an enormous sight met our eyes.’
    • ‘A strange sight met my eyes when they glanced to the left.’
    • ‘The light blinded me at first, but even still, I couldn't believe the sight that met my eyes.’
    • ‘He was even more shocked by the sight that met his eyes.’
  • 2also meet someone's gazeLook directly at someone.

    ‘for a moment, he refused to meet her eyes’
    • ‘Robyn met his insolent gaze’
    • ‘our eyes met across the table’
    • ‘She met his gaze directly, without a trace of emotion on her face.’
    • ‘He inclined his head slightly, not meeting her gaze directly.’
    • ‘Although she was facing him, her eyes were directed past him, refusing to meet his gaze.’
    • ‘She met his gaze, refusing to show any signs of the rattling he did to her confidence.’
    • ‘She took a deep breath, refusing to meet my gaze.’
    • ‘He handed Will a letter and refused to meet his gaze.’
    • ‘She met my gaze and a tight smile was directed towards me.’
    • ‘She suddenly met his gaze, as if she felt his gaze on her.’
    • ‘For a moment I let my gaze travel over him and then met his gaze again.’
    • ‘Her eyes came back into focus and she met Jake 's gaze.’