Meaning of meeting point in English:

meeting point


  • A place where people or things meet.

    ‘the meeting point is Glenbarrow car park at 1 p.m.’
    • ‘The Straight Theatre in the Haight area was a central meeting point for those with artistic pretensions.’
    • ‘The house soon became a meeting point for the artists of The Blaue Reiter group.’
    • ‘The meeting point is in the reception foyer of the college.’
    • ‘The meeting point will be at the Bansha woods at 2.00 p.m.’
    • ‘By my late twenties, Dad and I had found our conversational meeting point in 'work'.’
    • ‘The U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur is a regular meeting point for the two sides.’
    • ‘With beer halls and stores selling everything from the latest fashions to gourmet foods, Potsdamer Platz became a central meeting point for pre-war Berlin.’
    • ‘For all we curse them they do a least provide a meeting point between buyer and seller.’
    • ‘As usual, the meeting point is The Lord Bagenal Inn at 2 pm.’
    • ‘The council had allowed protesters to use several school buildings for accommodation and meeting points.’
    • ‘Plan evacuation routes to designated meeting points.’
    • ‘A free bus collects boys and girls at various meeting points around the town.’