Meaning of Megachiroptera in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmɛɡəkʌɪˈrɒpt(ə)rə/

plural noun

  • A division of bats that comprises the fruit bats and flying foxes.

    Suborder Megachiroptera and family Pteropodidae, order Chiroptera

    ‘There are two major groups of bats, usually given the rank of suborders, Megachiroptera and Microchiroptera.’
    • ‘The Megachiroptera, or fruitbats and flying foxes, navigate largely by sight and have large, forward-facing eyes that can see in very dim light, as you can see on the skeleton of a fruitbat pictured above.’
    • ‘The Megachiroptera includes the so-called fruitbats and flying foxes of the tropical forests of India, Africa, Asia, and Australia.’
    • ‘Many of the species of bats classified in the Megachiroptera, the ‘flying foxes’ or fruitbats, feed on fruit, as their common name suggests.’
    • ‘The results for the flying foxes were noteworthy because of the two bats' tropical distribution, frugivorous diet, and the fact that a capacity for heterothermy had not been previously reported for any members of the Megachiroptera.’


Modern Latin (plural), from mega- ‘large’ + Chiroptera.