Meaning of megadairy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɛɡədɛːri/

nounplural noun megadairies

  • A very large-scale commercial dairy farm, typically housing thousands of cows in indoor facilities.

    ‘a megadairy with 93,000 acres of land and 16,000 dairy cows’
    • ‘He is currently lobbying for another new megadairy that will use a twenty-six-acre lagoon and house approximately 7,000 dairy cattle.’
    • ‘In recent years, the environmental impact of megadairies on the San Joaquin Valley, with some of the country's worst air quality, has led to lawsuits and a push for tougher regulations.’
    • ‘Plans to build the world's biggest megadairy near Aston Clinton have finally been given the green light.’
    • ‘A megadairy planned in Madison County would produce about 140,000 tons of liquid manure each year.’
    • ‘His presentation centered on the history of dairying, from a single cow tied to the fence to the megadairies of today.’
    • ‘Leading supermarkets are to blacklist milk from a proposed megadairy.’
    • ‘If this is the only mega-dairy, it will be no big deal. If this is the start of a trend, don't figure on being in the dairy business forever unless you can milk 4000-8000 cows.’
    • ‘They are still purchasing milk from a growing number of mega-dairies.’
    • ‘In the past decade they have seen the megadairies crop up in Florida, California, and the Southwest.’
    • ‘Even though the family farm is fast disappearing as mega dairies take over, the cow is still queen of the Wisconsin landscape.’