Meaning of megalith in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɛɡəlɪθ/

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  • A large stone that forms a prehistoric monument (e.g. a standing stone) or part of one (e.g. a stone circle)

    ‘a smaller circle of some forty ancient megaliths’
    • ‘Their simple round-based pottery has sometimes given them the name ‘bowl cultures’, but they are better known for the construction of monumental tombs out of large boulders or megaliths.’
    • ‘The potential significance of Nabta as a ceremonial site was further strengthened by the discovery of an arrangement of stone megaliths (large free standing stones) on the western edge of the Nabta basin.’
    • ‘The terraced square of rough stone blocks follows the terrain, suggesting an odd reminiscence of prehistoric megaliths.’
    • ‘The dry summer led to exceptional definition of buried megaliths, so that orientations and dimensions could be seen.’
    • ‘I had heard that the megaliths at Stonehenge could be seen from a great distance and one would be overwhelmed as one approached closer.’


Mid 19th century back-formation from megalithic.