Meaning of megalitre in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɛɡəˌliːtə/


  • A metric unit of capacity equal to a million litres.

    ‘For comparison, annual household consumption of water was estimated at about 500,000 megalitres.’
    • ‘The cistern is an underground, covered storage of 90 megalitres.’
    • ‘The daily average consumption also rose to 24.77 megalitres (ML) - an increase of 0.65 ML a day.’
    • ‘Average daily consumption had dropped to around nine megalitres in Lismore - a saving of around 28 per cent on this time last year.’
    • ‘On Tuesday, we used 27.4 megalitres of water - about 400,000 litres, or 7 family swimming pools, under target.’
    • ‘Two axial flow electric pumps draw 120 megalitres a day out from the river to water cotton now grown on 500 hectares developed for irrigation.’
    • ‘The dam itself covers 145 hectares at capacity and can store almost nine megalitres of water.’
    • ‘Last week, the daily consumption was around 35 megalitres.’
    • ‘There were hundreds, if not thousands, of megalitres being traded for one slab of beer.’
    • ‘In four weeks, the Menindee Lakes will begin filling again, as megalitres of water makes its way down the Darling River.’
    • ‘A recent report into health of the Thomson and Macalister rivers recommended that flows be increased by 26,000 megalitres, raising the anxiety levels among farmers to record heights.’
    • ‘It is interesting to contrast the Roman endeavour with the recent effort required to gain approval to construct underground fuel storages of only a few megalitres at various airbases.’
    • ‘Although Queensland water Resources released some 480,000 megalitres in January, only 25 percent of that flow has reached the border.’
    • ‘Mike why isn't a megalitre of water at the top of the river the same as a megalitre of water at the bottom of the river?’
    • ‘Of the 29,000 megalitres consumption which was attributed to agriculture in 2001 from all sources, 8,000 megalitres were identified as irrigation from private supplies.’
    • ‘But when we greatly increase our future capacity for the city by raising the dam wall another 13.5 metres, this will take capacity up to 296,000 megalitres.’
    • ‘It covers 17,250 hectares and has a storage capacity of 686,000 megalitres.’
    • ‘Since Level 4 restrictions were introduced in October, the average daily consumption has dropped from 30.2 megalitres (ML) a day to 26.3 ML a day.’
    • ‘The first water transfers have been released from Windemere Dam, with of a total of 70 thousand megalitres to move through the Cudgegong Valley in the next 6 months.’
    • ‘Last week, consumption increased slightly to a daily average of 25.70ML - up almost a megalitre a day on the previous week’