Meaning of megaproject in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɛɡəˌprɒdʒɛkt/


  • A very large-scale and costly construction or engineering project.

    ‘a study of 365 oil and gas megaprojects shows 64% with cost overruns and 73% behind schedule’
    • ‘Last week he pledged to announce a new plan to complete construction of the already over-budget megaproject ’
    • ‘The only way these fossil fuel megaprojects are viable is by short-changing the public.’
    • ‘The megaproject was originally expected to be residential focused.’
    • ‘No other type of megaproject is this consistent regarding cost overrun.’
    • ‘Whichever side of this debate you are on, there is much to be learned from studying megaprojects.’
    • ‘Even without political pressures, megaprojects are hard to deliver on time and on budget.’
    • ‘The rules for delivering a successful megaproject are devastatingly simple.’
    • ‘He pushed the megaproject through for the sake of his own ego and legacy.’
    • ‘He slammed critics who doubted that the megaproject could be completed safely on time.’
    • ‘This follows the new government's move to put all megaprojects under review.’