Meaning of megastardom in English:




See megastar

‘Since every viewer knows that 8 Mile is based on the life of the man who plays its hero, megastar rapper Eminem, we duly assume that Rabbit is also headed for megastardom.’
  • ‘He was tipped for megastardom but, unlike his two legendary disciples, he all but disappeared, sidetracked by drink and drugs, botched love affairs and a lusty appetite for violence.’
  • ‘Fortunately, Crowe's ascent to megastardom has brought at least one of these forgotten films out on DVD for us to enjoy belatedly.’
  • ‘Even after megastardom hit him, the quality of his work did not decline appreciably.’
  • ‘The downside to this top heavy parade of megastardom is that secondary characters barely get a look in.’