Meaning of megastructure in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɛɡəˌstrʌktʃə/


  • A massive construction or structure, especially a complex of many buildings.

    ‘any new constructions so close to the original building would submerge it into a megastructure’
    • ‘The Fun Palace was to be a megastructure with movable floors and walls that contained such elements as an open university, a performing arts center and an amusement park.’
    • ‘Erickson studied under Frank Lloyd Wright, and while his education projects tend to err towards megastructures, his houses are exaggerated takes on Wright's Prairie Style aesthetic.’
    • ‘The Tricorn is also one of the best examples of the architectural megastructure (in Britain at least), a concept that was unfashionable practically as soon as it was mooted.’
    • ‘The megastructure continues to fascinate architects and urbanists.’
    • ‘Tange's early thinking was influenced by Le Corbusier, as evidenced in his urban philosophy calling for comprehensive cities filled with megastructures that combine service and transportation elements.’
    • ‘They are looked at, moreover, horizontally, not as singular, iconic buildings but as building complexes, foreshadowing Banham's interest in megastructures.’
    • ‘It's this bizarre folly to the idea prevalent in the 1950s and 1960s that you could design a megastructure which would supply nearly every need of the residents.’
    • ‘In the second and third of these approaches the core or vertical truss can become a megastructure into which the individual floors and rooms are simply filed, to which they are attached, or from which they are hung.’
    • ‘In practice, it was the spaces in between the scant few megastructures that were built that diluted the concept; too large to accommodate themselves into the existing fabric of city living, yet not distinct enough to act as attractors.’
    • ‘They proposed group forms and megastructures to gain conceptual control and to achieve formal coherence in a city of accelerated modernization.’
    • ‘Each of the big spiraling arms was intended to be a megastructure, curving to a greenbelt.’
    • ‘Sited at the confluence of the Saone and Rhone rivers in Lyons, the futuristic megastructure is conceived as a hybridisation of museum and urban leisure space.’
    • ‘From the center of the master plan also radiate the ‘lines of force’ - triangular-shaped megastructures.’
    • ‘The hall's arched interior would thus be integrated with the crescent anchored in its site, just as the opera house's circular plan was set into the circular ziggurat that Wright planned as a megastructure for the base.’
    • ‘The proposed development has the characteristics of unvariegated megastructure.’
    • ‘The university's masterplan for the campus was initially based on the notion of a single interconnected megastructure, similar to the Free University of Berlin.’
    • ‘Conceived as a part of the landscape, the monumental concrete megastructure designed by John Andrews was sited on the crown of a ridge overlooking the valley.’