Meaning of megilp in English:


Pronunciation /məˈɡɪlp/


(also magilp)
mass noun
  • A mixture of mastic resin and linseed oil added to oil paints, widely used in the 19th century.

    ‘Further tests will be undertaken at a later date to determine a method to reduce the megilp over these black lines.’
    • ‘It is reported for paintings that the areas in which megilp was used, suffered softness, darkening and a cloudy appearance.’
    • ‘The removal of the thick, oxidized varnish was complicated by Turner's use of megilp, which renders the paint surface especially vulnerable to solvents.’
    • ‘The subsequent treatment included stabilisation of the paint and the removal of a megilp varnish applied in 1830, which rendered the surface a dark brown and obscured the extensive remains of this monumental painting.’
    • ‘Take the bottle of linseed oil (some people successfully use megilp) and, covering part of the opening with your finger, shake some of the oil over the entire print - as you would when cleaning glass.’


Mid 18th century of unknown origin.