Meaning of meh in English:


Pronunciation /mɛ(h)/


  • Expressing a lack of interest or enthusiasm.

    • ‘meh, I'm not impressed so far’
    • ‘Meh, long car journey tomorrow means a lot of thinking.’
    • ‘Meh, the three Underworld movies averaged high $90 million worldwide grosses on budgets of $30+ million.’
    • ‘Meh, the snake show was way more exciting than the reptile exhibition, a display of motionless, sleeping snakes.’
    • ‘Meh, I'm trying to make my posts shorter.’
    • ‘Meh, who knows, maybe he was seeking attention.’
    • ‘Meh, it is the theme song to my life.’
    • ‘Meh, no one would want my decrepit organs anyway.’
    • ‘Meh, think I'll just go for it.’
    • ‘Meh… it's a daft question which doesn't deserve a serious answer.’
    • ‘Meh, I think he should have been chewing tobacco during that scene: they don't make Westerns like they used to.’
    • ‘Meh, sorry I couldn't write on Tuesday.’
    • ‘Meh, why focus on the bad.’
    • ‘Meh, you do what you can.’
    • ‘Meh… nothing seems to be wrong with you, I guess.’
    • ‘Meh, depression also makes me particularily weepy.’
    • ‘Meh, maybe if she had fallen into the grave.’
    • ‘Meh, I was right.’
    • ‘Meh, I can still write down the ideas and take a crack at it tomorrow.’
    • ‘Meh, these articles don't rule as hard as I was hoping.’
    • ‘Meh, close enough.’


  • 1Uninspiring; unexceptional.

    • ‘a lot of his movies are … meh’
    1. 1.1Unenthusiastic; apathetic.
      • ‘everyone else I talked to was kind of meh’


1990s apparently popularized by the US television show The Simpsons.