Meaning of melamine in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɛləmiːn/

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mass noun
  • 1Chemistry
    A white crystalline compound made by heating cyanamide and used in making plastics.

    A heterocyclic amine; chemical formula: (CNH₂)₃N₃

    ‘The melamine / acrylic binder is also more brittle than other binder resins we have used.’
    • ‘Sulphonated melamine formaldehyde condensate in the form of an aqueous solution was used.’
    • ‘The direct pressure laminate is basically a one step process, whereby all the layers are fused directly to the core at the same time, and impregnated with melamine resins using heat and pressure.’
    • ‘As for the finish, low-molecular weight acrylic / melamine resins are used, which helps reduce emissions in the paint process.’
    • ‘We then dipped the film in a melamine / acrylic binder solution, air dried, and cured it.’
  • 2A plastic used chiefly for laminated coatings, made by copolymerizing melamine with formaldehyde.

    as modifier ‘a melamine coffee table’
    • ‘Available in various materials such as bone, melamine, glass and plastic, there is a dish for every utility of your kitchen and the dining hall.’
    • ‘There are metal forks and spoons, melamine Chinese spoons and plastic chopsticks.’
    • ‘I found out only recently that melamine should not go into the microwave.’
    • ‘That was six years ago and now, her hands flickering across the melamine table top seeking the wood beneath, she says her most recent scans have given her the all-clear.’
    • ‘Other than the sixties-era retro-grainy design of the eggshell surface, the melamine could be brand new.’


Mid 19th century from German melam (an arbitrary formation), denoting an insoluble amorphous organic substance, + amine.