Meaning of melanocyte in English:



  • A mature melanin-forming cell, especially in the skin.

    ‘Moles are usually harmless collections of pigmented cells called melanocytes on your skin.’
    • ‘The most widespread type of melanin is responsible for skin colour; the melanocytes, deep in the epidermis, make it, and transfer it into the keratin cell layer of the skin.’
    • ‘Freckles are spots of increased pigment, produced by cells called melanocytes, which make melanin (the substance that gives skin its color).’
    • ‘One gene encodes a protein called agouti, which normally signals skin cells called melanocytes to produce a reddish-yellow pigment.’
    • ‘A reduction in melanocytes predisposes the skin to easier burning.’



/ˈmɛlənə(ʊ)ˌsʌɪt/ /mɪˈlanə(ʊ)ˌsʌɪt/