Meaning of melliferous in English:


Pronunciation /mɪˈlɪf(ə)rəs/


  • Yielding or producing honey.

    ‘Malaysia, with its abundant melliferous plants and indigenous honeybees has a promising future in this industry.’
    • ‘The beekeepers became interested in enhancing their production through the cultivation of melliferous plants.’
    • ‘If there are a lot of such days in the summertime bees collect a lot of melliferous dew.’
    • ‘The present study was carried out to survey the bees as visitors to melliferous flora in the region of Maringá, state of Paraná, Brazil.’
    • ‘They will be put together in an area selected for its melliferous resources and its density in hives to ease the saturation of the area with drones from selected hives.’
    • ‘Due to the contamination, the vulnerability and of the potential of the melliferous bees, the number of the substances that can be used for that purpose is little and restricted by the law.’
    • ‘A.D.Fursaev studied the melliferous flora of the Volga flood plain.’


Mid 17th century from Latin mellifer (from mel ‘honey’ + -fer ‘bearing’) + -ous.