Meaning of mellifluent in English:


Pronunciation /mɛˈlɪflʊənt/


another term for mellifluous
‘The variation in the music vividly brought out the union: for the ‘slokas’ that dealt with Parvathi, the music was mellifluent, and for those that described Siva, it was a bit rough with the beating of drums.’
  • ‘The playback singer, K. S. Chitra, lends her mellifluent voice to these songs, which include solos, duets and chorus.’
  • ‘As a result, a sense of mellifluent monotony is achieved and paired with an unmistakable improvisatory quality that characterizes most Greek folk music.’


Early 17th century from late Latin mellifluent-, from Latin mel, mell(i)- ‘honey’ + fluent- ‘flowing’ (from the verb fluere).