Meaning of melodize in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɛlədʌɪz/


(also British melodise)
  • 1no object Play music.

    ‘the Moody Blues melodize on the 22nd’
    • ‘The sound isn't the greatest but still at its best with weird chimes melodising every time you enter a town.’
    • ‘I'm really bad at it, but if I sing a straightforward tune my girlfriend melodises with it.’
    • ‘I spent two days in this small town, making yoga on the lawn and melodising with my clarinet in the mornings until it was time to go to lunch at the steward's house.’
    • ‘Not to mention the amusing ‘ba ba ba ba ba’, this song has a nice chorus, with a nice place where it goes heavier, with nice screamy vocals backing Serj's melodising.’
  • 2with object Make melodious.

    ‘Nick O shrieks like a man possessed before effortlessly melodising his voice into something quite beautiful - rocking the hell out of us all.’
    • ‘The band doesn't sing, but rather reads the words like poetry, in fear that we might simply disregard them if the words were melodised.’
    • ‘A lot of world-famous writers’ works were translated into Latvian by him; almost all the Latvian composers have melodised his poems; operas and ballets have been created after his pieces; several works have been screened also.’