Meaning of melty in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɛlti/

adjectiveadjective meltier, adjective meltiest

  • 1(especially of food) melting or partially melted; soft or semi-liquid in consistency.

    • ‘melty ice cream’
    • ‘put the slices under a grill until the cheese is all bubbling and melty’
    • ‘The cookie inside is warm and a little melty and just right.’
    • ‘I highly recommend putting some nut butter on top of your oatmeal and drowning in the melty deliciousness of it.’
    • ‘What brings more joy than a melty, gooey, decadent grilled cheese sandwich?’
    • ‘Toast sandwiches in a dry skillet over medium-low heat until outside is golden brown and inside is delightfully melty, about 3 minutes per side.’
    • ‘A breaded goat cheese crouton - warm, crisp and melty - adorned lettuces so fresh they might have been moistened with dew rather than vinaigrette.’
    • ‘End your meal with flatbread, warm from the griddle, enfolding a melty milk chocolate and mashed-banana filling.’
    • ‘This grapefruit sized meatball is baked with melty mozzarella and tangy marinara, and when it arrives at the table, customers are dumbfounded.’
    • ‘This ice cream montage will get you drooling in no time, with slow-motion shots of sugary, melty, creamy yumminess.’
    • ‘Creamy, melty and sweet, your favorite chocolate bars find a fun partner in sparkling Shiraz.’
    • ‘The only really melty bits were plastics.’
  • 2Experiencing tender, sympathetic, or sentimental feelings.

    • ‘she will look at you with those big eyes and you'll go all melty and do whatever she asks’
    • ‘There's something about a brooding guy nuzzling a tiny puppy that makes me all melty inside.’
    • ‘That makes me SO much happier and melty in the heart area.’
    • ‘I'm not sure if she's inconsistent as a character or if she's just constantly denying her true self while protecting a soft, melty core.’
    • ‘I watched him skim around for a song, something slow and melty and gorgeous, and then he turned, leaned over, and kissed me.’
    • ‘One minute you're in a fight with him, the next, dude is kissing your hand and making you all melty, thereby circumventing the whole conflict.’
    • ‘She and her husband will celebrate their 24th wedding anniversary this September, and there's a melty tenderness in her voice when she says, "Hi, honey is everything OK?"’
    • ‘I smiled at him, feeling melty.’
    • ‘The best feeling in the world is to be wrapped in loving arms, to feel warm and melty and soppy and above all happy.’
    • ‘Can I just say how fantastic you all are, you have made my birthday happy; it is the getting cards and comments that just make me feel so melty and warm.’
    • ‘A British accent makes most Americans go all melty and assume you must know something.’