Meaning of membranaceous in English:


Pronunciation /mɛmbrəˈneɪʃəs/


Anatomy Zoology

See membrane

‘Extending from the stem to the margin of the cap, and covering the gills, is the partial veil - a membranaceous, white texture of varying thickness.’
  • ‘Evergreen leaves are usually coriaceous, while deciduous leaves are usually membranaceous or chartaceous.’
  • ‘Above the pectoral is a long membranaceous scale equalling, or very nearly, the fin itself.’
  • ‘Astragalus membranaceous ranks as one of the most potent health tonics in the world.’
  • ‘A closely related plant, S. jamaicensis, which has darker blue-mauve flowers and fleshy rather than membranaceous leaves, grows in the Northern Territory and probably also occurs in the Kimberley.’