Meaning of memory leak in English:

memory leak


  • A failure in a program to release discarded memory, causing impaired performance or failure.

    ‘The visibility it gives us into our network has proven its worth multiple times from identifying software with a memory leak on one server to finding a piece of spyware saturating a network segment on another machine.’
    • ‘The bug is a memory leak in the default digitizer that ships with the system, and has been irking users for over a year.’
    • ‘If you run multiple programs at once and your computer crashes after hours of use, it is difficult to find out which program might be suffering from a memory leak and causing the crash.’
    • ‘A small memory leak or a two-second server delay may mean a lot to you, but having to retype information or click Refresh several times impacts the user directly, and should be more important.’
    • ‘If you are constantly getting the message that your system needs to increase Virtual Memory settings and you're not overworking the PC, I would suspect a memory leak.’