Meaning of memory trace in English:

memory trace


  • A hypothetical permanent change in the nervous system brought about by memorizing something; an engram.

    ‘Under some conditions, there is no evidence of an impaired memory trace, just as McCloskey found; under other conditions, there is some evidence of trace impairment or at least alteration of the memory trace.’
    • ‘This additional viewing of the target locations was included to facilitate participants' visual memory of the target location, as there was a reason to believe that the visual memory trace may degrade with time.’
    • ‘Apparently, the activation occurring with this positive information was not sufficient to leave a memory trace for these adjectives.’
    • ‘The essential idea is that a retrieval cue is effective only if information in the cue was incorporated in the memory trace of the target event at the time of its original encoding.’
    • ‘When a deviant stimulus is presented, its physical features are compared to the memory trace established for the standards.’