Meaning of men's business in English:

men's business


mass noun
  • 1A subject or activity that is supposedly only of concern or interest to men.

    ‘if it was men's business, why was she wrapped up in the middle of it?’
    • ‘War, old-fashioned war, is still men's business.’
    • ‘Shooting was men's business, trust a woman to do something like that.’
    • ‘Elegant females don't concern themselves with men's business.’
    • ‘Now see here little missy don't go sticking your pretty little nose into men's business you know nothing about.’
    • ‘Historians rarely take the trouble to define the complex notion of the political for this period, they say, even though they obviously presume that politics was exclusively men's business.’
    • ‘The creation of nations has traditionally been seen as men's business.’
    • ‘Fighting wars is no longer just men's business.’
    • ‘Politics, by and large, rightly or wrongly, has been men's business.’
    • ‘Really, women should never mix themselves up with men's business; they had better keep to their pots and pans.’
    • ‘International Relations has long been taught and theorized as if women were invisible: as if there were no women in world politics, which was only men's business.’
    1. 1.1Australian Aboriginal rituals and knowledge open only to initiated males.
      ‘here, guarded by a sturdy palm-trunk fence, is the sanctuary of men's business’
      • ‘In relation to 'men's business' the author emphasises the extensive regional inter-relatedness that is fostered between men at these annual events.’
      • ‘I went out to Mitchell where our family grew up, and back to the land and did some men's business out there.’
      • ‘The Seven Sisters are Creator Beings who move through the ancestral landscape, creating natural phenomena and involving themselves in ceremonial life, including "young men's business" or initiation ceremonies.’
      • ‘Anything to do with the male genitalia, urinary system or body markings is considered to be men's business.’
      • ‘Everything associated with the Dreaming, women's business and men's business is sacred.’
      • ‘In Aboriginal society, women's business and men's business are quite separate, and are governed by strict social rules.’
      • ‘Separate men's business and women's business emphasize distince gender boundaries for some ceremonies.’
      • ‘Men's business is a predominant aspect of life in remote communities, and young men who are initiated are given certain status in the community.’