Meaning of menacingly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɛnɪsɪŋli/


  • In a way that suggests the presence of danger; threateningly.

    ‘a helicopter hovered menacingly overhead’
    • ‘the two men stood glaring menacingly at each other’
    • ‘The dark purple irises flashed menacingly in the torchlight.’
    • ‘There's even a scene where a giant watermelon is menacingly thrust at an innocent bystander.’
    • ‘The signal pulses menacingly, its rhythm quickly mutating.’
    • ‘She stared up at him menacingly, her face ashen, her eyes narrowed to two black slits.’
    • ‘Sure enough, four knights came through the bushes behind him, all glaring at me menacingly.’
    • ‘Someone who can act this menacingly makes you realize just how wasted he has been in his many comedy roles.’
    • ‘The huge man had him pinned against the rail, forcing him to arch his back above the unsettled sea, where sharks circled menacingly.’
    • ‘Rising menacingly over the top of a nearby dune was nothing more than a partially furled beach umbrella in its stand.’
    • ‘Its very existence is kept menacingly vague except when it is called in to reduce dangerously irrational cities to melted glass.’
    • ‘With photographers snapping away, the hooded and camouflaged young men waved their guns menacingly at journalists.’