Meaning of Menapian in English:


Pronunciation /mɪˈnapɪən/


  • Relating to or denoting a Middle Pleistocene glaciation in northern Europe, possibly corresponding to the Günz of the Alps.

    ‘this activity probably correlates with the beginning of the Menapian cold flora age of the Netherlands’
    • ‘In the epochs before the Menapian, Elsterian, Saalian and Late Weichselian Glacials, there formed the permafrost zones, the depth of which could reach 450 m in the Estonian Monocline.’
    • ‘Based on the paleomagnetic and palynological examinations the glacial deposits in Koñczyce profile are older than 750 ka BP and are likely to correspond to the Menapian.’
    • ‘There is also a similarity to the majority of sponges in the Dutch / German border region that were deposited in glaciofluvial sediments during the Menapian.’


the Menapian
  • The Middle Pleistocene glaciation in northern Europe or the system of deposits laid down during it.

    • ‘a series of strata with five Early Pleistocene interglacial deposits representing the period from the Tiglian to the Menapian was investigated’


1950s from Latin Menapii, a people of northern Gaul in Roman times, + -ian.