Meaning of menarche in English:


Pronunciation /mɛˈnɑːki/


  • The first occurrence of menstruation.

    ‘age at menarche varies considerably between populations’
    • ‘But the delayed menarche and the delayed puberty may have an effect on their growth and height.’
    • ‘Early menarche and late menopause may also increase the risk of breast cancer by affecting lifetime exposure to hormones.’
    • ‘The longer a woman's fertile life (the interval between the menarche and the menopause), the more likely she will develop Parkinson's disease.’
    • ‘Most women with the syndrome experience menarche at a normal age but have irregular menstrual periods that gradually become more abnormal, often leading to amenorrhea.’
    • ‘The findings have important implications, as the age of menarche - when menstruation begins - has fallen by two years in the past century.’


Late 19th century modern Latin, from Greek mēn ‘month’ + arkhē ‘beginning’.