Meaning of mendelevium in English:



(also Md)
mass noun
  • The chemical element of atomic number 101, a radioactive metal of the actinide series. It does not occur naturally and was first made in 1955 by bombarding einsteinium with helium ions.

    ‘Californium - 249 has a half-life of 350 years; mendelevium - 258, fifty-one days; seaborgium - 266 twenty-one seconds.’
    • ‘The substance, named mendelevium (abbreviated Mv) [now Md] after the father of the periodic table, was produced by bombarding element 99 with energetic alpha particles from a cyclotron.’
    • ‘Besides probing fermium further, the team plans next to study element number 101, mendelevium, Backe says.’
    • ‘The longest-lived isotope of the element, mendelevium - 258, has a half life of 56 days.’



/ˌmɛndəˈliːvɪəm/ /ˌmɛndəˈleɪvɪəm/


1950s modern Latin, from the name of D. Mendeleev (see Mendeleev, Dmitri).