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mass noun
  • 1Measurement.

    ‘The calendar preceded the measures, and we should not be surprised to find that the word mensuration is still in force to describe accurate measurement of quantity - length, areas, volume.’
    • ‘It involves the solution of polygons given certain sides and angles between them, their mensuration, division by diagonals, circumscribing polygons around circles and inscribing polygons in circles.’
    • ‘This section on mensuration certainly has more in common with Hindu and Hebrew texts than it does with any Greek work.’
    • ‘Similarly, even as sophisticated quantitative mensuration came gradually to supersede the qualitative analyses of medieval science, alchemists and astrologers serenely continued their work.’
    measurement, measuring, calculation, computation, estimating, quantification, quantifying, weighing, sizing
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    1. 1.1The part of geometry concerned with ascertaining lengths, areas, and volumes.
      ‘It is devoted mainly to arithmetic and algebra, with just a few problems on geometry and mensuration.’
      • ‘It is a work which covers arithmetic, algebra and mensuration.’
      • ‘Chapter 13 consists of 55 verses on arithmetic, mensuration, and shadow reckoning.’
      • ‘It is a small treatise of seventeen folios in which we find nothing on mensuration that the arithmeticians of the East did not know.’



/ˌmɛnʃʊˈreɪʃn/ /ˌmɛnsjʊˈreɪʃn/


Late 16th century (denoting measurement in general): from late Latin mensuratio(n-), from mensurare ‘to measure’.