Meaning of mental deficiency in English:

mental deficiency


mass noun dated, offensive
  • The condition of having an intellectual disability.

    • ‘Were some of the figures in black meant to be portraying dishonesty or just mental deficiency?’
    • ‘If the treatment starts in the first month, most children will not have mental deficiency; 75 per cent of sick children may recover if the treatment is taken within three months, Tian said.’
    • ‘Apart from comparisons of races or groups, and medical assessments of profound mental deficiency, intelligence as a personal and differential characteristic elicited little concern until the later nineteenth century.’
    • ‘You see, I have this mental deficiency which causes me to not see certain items no matter what they are and where they are located.’
    • ‘The inability to understand statistical information is not a mental deficiency of doctors or patients but is largely due to the poor presentation of the information’