Meaning of mental institution in English:

mental institution

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(also British mental home)
dated, offensive British
  • An institution providing residential care for people with mental conditions.

    • ‘Among the many victims of the food blockade were numerous inmates of mental homes who were neglected by the authorities and their families.’
    • ‘Three of them were in mental homes, and others suffered from severe eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia.’
    • ‘My doctor put me in a mental home.’
    • ‘The police came and took him away to a mental home.’
    • ‘A magistrate had sent him to a mental home for observation and evaluation.’
    • ‘He phoned her from a mental home where he was being treated for depression.’
    • ‘His last three years were spent in a mental home.’
    • ‘Dave was arrested eventually and placed into a mental home.’
    • ‘Available data suggest that less than % of all patients in nursing homes receive explicit mental home interventions.’
    • ‘Twice a week, she visits him at the mental home.’


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