Meaning of menu item in English:

menu item


  • 1An individual dish or other item for selection from a menu in a cafe or restaurant.

    ‘they're also adding new menu items like salad and smoothies’
    • ‘The restaurant chain has introduced some new menu items for the spring.’
    • ‘Henrietta's serves an eclectic mix of menu items, many of which have a Caribbean influence.’
    • ‘Our chef is preparing a selection of exclusive menu items for the event.’
    • ‘The class was divided into groups, each group being responsible for a menu item.’
    • ‘Fish is a staple menu item in restaurants across North America.’
    • ‘A dollar from each menu item will go to the hunger-relief organization.’
    • ‘The foods are usually super high in fat, since so many menu items are fried.’
    • ‘Dinners here are simple but hearty; typical menu items include corn chowder and roast turkey.’
    • ‘They're rolling out healthier menu items.’
    • ‘Many menu items exceeded our budget.’
    • ‘The owner started recommending menu items and offering us discounts.’
    • ‘These weekday menu items (a different one every day) are exceptional value in a restaurant of this calibre.’
    • ‘I get my ideas from my favorite restaurant menu items or from cookbooks and then create healthy recipes.’
    • ‘By offering several vegetarian menu items you give guests real choice and could appeal to a wider and more diverse clientele.’
    1. 1.1Computing An individual command from a list displayed on a screen.
      ‘save everything by choosing the Save menu item from the Document menu’
      • ‘A joystick button can scroll in four directions or click in to select menu items.’
      • ‘Navigating to the folder I want, 6 menu items at a time, is an impossible task.’
      • ‘These menu items may be single links, drop down menus, or expanding menus.’
      • ‘I load Internet Explorer; I click on the Favorites menu item.’
      • ‘I had to keep going back to the tray bar icon in order to select the next menu item to configure.’
      • ‘Now, save everything by choosing the Save menu item from the Document menu.’
      • ‘I clicked on a menu item called "connect to server."’
      • ‘You can use the special menu items that appear in the footer of every page to make the configuration changes you desire.’
      • ‘There is a bit of a learning curve to discover the new locations of some of the commands and context menu items that are now not where you expect to find them.’
      • ‘They'll be arranged in two lists - an alphabetical list of folder names followed by a list of menu items.’
      • ‘Once the application starts, click on the Load Image menu item and select a TIFF file.’
      • ‘Create a new application by clicking on the New Application menu item from the Document menu.’