Meaning of meow meow in English:

meow meow


(also miaow miaow)
mass noun informal British
  • a street name for the drug mephedrone

    • ‘he had taken meow meow earlier that day’
    • ‘The number of people needing treatment for "club drugs" such as Ecstasy, ketamine and meow meow is creeping upwards.’
    • ‘In 2010, the Labour Government banned the legal high Mephedrone - or meow meow.’
    • ‘Mephedrone, a powerful stimulant drug with various street names such as meow meow, MCAT and bubble, first came to public attention in 2009.’
    • ‘The man told him he had his own stash of Mephedrone - also known as Meow Meow - at the flat.’
    • ‘She snorted 100 lines of ketamine a day in her teens before turning to the then legal mephedrone, known as meow meow.’
    • ‘I'm sure with or without meow meow this idiot would have still done what he did but its an easy headline to blame drugs.’
    • ‘A secret drugs recipe to replace the banned miaow miaow is being sold to gangs across the UK, the paper reports.’
    • ‘Drug agencies say some teenage users of the former legal high known as miaow miaow inject it up to 20 times a day.’
    • ‘People have been taking crack, miaow miaow and God knows what else.’
    • ‘We've had a big fall off in people taking Mephedrone (Miaow Miaow) because its health effects have been so highly publicised.’


Early 21st century probably suggested by the cat element of M-Cat.