Meaning of mepacrine in English:



another term for quinacrine
‘In fact, a synthetic antimalarial called mepacrine was produced in the 1930s by the German chemical cartel IG Farben.’
  • ‘I believe at that time we were taking a variant of quinine called mepacrine, a little yellow pill which turned us a delicate shade of buttercup, and when we went on leave our friends and relatives thought we had jaundice.’
  • ‘In his 10 years as a registrar he was involved in the Clean Air Act and the ill effects of smoking, and in 1951 published his observations on the beneficial effect of mepacrine in lupus erythematosus.’
  • ‘He was invalided home with an intolerable rash, which was diagnosed as the then unusual mepacrine photosensitivity.’
  • ‘General Slim, commanding the British Fourteenth Army in Burma, threatened to sack any regimental officer under his command who failed to see that his troops took their daily dose of mepacrine.’



/ˈmɛpəkrɪn/ /ˈmɛpəkriːn/


1940s from me(thoxy-) + p(entane) + acr(id)ine.