Meaning of merchant prince in English:

merchant prince


  • A person who has acquired sufficient wealth from trading to wield political influence.

    ‘The Jacobsens were an industrial dynasty, and had the intense - and also tense - relations between the generations for which nineteenth-century merchant princes and their offspring were notorious.’
    • ‘Stefan, whose late father founded the company, looks and talks more like a financier than a merchant prince.’
    • ‘The Martin factor has changed the dynamic in Cork South-Central and the merchant princes have been deposed as the dominant force on the southside of the city.’
    • ‘After all, isn't that what merchant princes like Whitaker have done?’
    • ‘Before Raja, a limestone mine owner bought it, the mansion was owned by turns by Sir Ismail Sait, a merchant prince of old Bangalore, and later by the Yuvaraja of Mysore, Kanteerava Narasimharaja Wadiyar.’
    • ‘As the power struggle between the Paris-born merchant prince and the Brooklyn-born whiz has played out, rivals have watched with fascination and contempt.’
    • ‘She was the eldest daughter of the wealthiest of Exeter's merchant princes according to contemporary tax assessments, and mayor of Exeter at the time of his murder.’
    • ‘The younger generation of the family undoubtedly enjoys the trappings of wealth - many are avid sailors in the Royal Cork Yacht Club - but jibes about rich kids, silver spoons and Cork merchant princes are a little simplistic.’
    • ‘Unlike most of the other important merchant princes famous for their extravagance at the zenith of America's Gilded Age, Rockefeller didn't own yachts and collected neither mistresses nor European paintings.’
    • ‘One imagines that today's merchant princes have as little contact - or concern - with urban degeneration as their aristocratic forebears, but the art of patronage still flourishes.’
    • ‘It is more likely to be the fund managers whose offices overlook the banks of the Thames that will determine his future than the merchant princes who overlook the banks of the Lee.’
    • ‘Georgian may be the last word in chic for today's online merchant princes, but doubtless they'd have found the real thing a bit grim.’
    • ‘But let us hope the exhibitions and installations also bring forth some modern merchant princes.’
    • ‘‘I learned to be a merchant prince in women's lingerie,’ he says.’
    • ‘Clemens's considerable prosperity, derived from book sales and fees from lectures and readings, allowed him to live and entertain on the scale of a merchant prince.’
    • ‘They would perhaps be heading for the darkly wooded roads of the older part of Mossley Hill, where, behind the sturdy sandstone wall of some merchant prince's mansion, the trail of mystery was to reach its tragic end.’
    • ‘Less about winning friends and influencing people than seizing power and beating them over the head with it, it is a modern-day Machiavellian tale for any aspiring merchant prince.’
    • ‘However, in truth, that old merchant prince thing is a bit irrelevant now.’
    • ‘Nathan, shortly after arriving in Boston was taught the first principles of double entry bookkeeping by an Academy friend then employed in the counting house of merchant prince, John Cushing.’
    • ‘Above the archway that bears his head, David Sassoon, merchant prince, unrolls the pageant of the city's past.’
    magnate, mogul, big businessman, baron, merchant prince, captain of industry, industrialist, financier, top executive, chief, lord, magnifico, nabob, grandee