Meaning of mercuriality in English:


Pronunciation /məːkjʊərɪˈalɪti/


See mercurial

‘But Bazzana is conscious of dealing with an extraordinary individual, one whose extraordinariness was bound up with his mercuriality and multiplicity.’
  • ‘In her final paragraph on the poem, which reveals the rhetorical if not ‘wilful’ quality of her incomprehension, Forrest-Thomson captures this mercuriality, whilst rightly stressing movement ‘upwards’.’
  • ‘But their mercuriality is such that, sensed as one would a painter's or a poet's style, the cinematographic quality becomes that of an imperious form overlying assertions and contradictions.’
  • ‘Indeed, the key to Panting's success was mercuriality; he could shift from innocent charm to cruel cynicism in an instant, and could handle easily the play's abrupt shifts from comedy to tragedy.’