Meaning of mercury vapour lamp in English:

mercury vapour lamp


  • A lamp in which light is produced by an electrical discharge through mercury vapour.

    ‘The source of far-UV light was a low-pressure mercury vapor lamp with an integral filter that provided more than 95% of the emitted radiation.’
    • ‘The light source was a pressure mercury vapour lamp, with an exciter and filters.’
    • ‘Photographs were taken with a light microscope equipped with a mercury vapour lamp and an Automatic Exposure Photomicrography unit.’
    • ‘Under these conditions, the excitation peak of ferulic acid became closer to the excitation line of the mercury vapour lamp used for microscopy.’
    • ‘For vegetative propagation, greenwood cuttings were taken from the hybrid clones and planted in vermiculite under mist in a glasshouse with supplementary lighting (mercury vapour lamps).’
    • ‘Plants were grown in a glasshouse at a minimum temperature of 10°C under ambient light supplemented with mercury vapour lamps during the winter months to increase the photoperiod.’
    • ‘After all, the parking lot seemed to be well illuminated, relying on a system consisting mostly of mercury vapor lamps.’
    • ‘Except for the warm welcoming patch of light in front of Benny's Place, the industrial park was deserted and dark, illuminated only by the eerie cold blue and orange glow of a few scattered mercury vapor lamps.’
    • ‘Its system relied on mercury vapor lamps that are far more costly to operate than alternatives, such as high-pressure sodium.’
    • ‘Three mercury vapor lamps attached to the sphere are used to light up the ocean depths.’
    • ‘Flats were held in the greenhouse under mercury vapor lamps supplemented with natural sunlight and day/night temperatures of 22°C / 16°C, fertilized weekly, and watered as needed.’