Meaning of meridian circle in English:

meridian circle


  • A telescope mounted so as to move only on a North–South line, for observing the transit of celestial objects across the meridian.

    ‘Thus, with allowance for possible systematic errors in both the meridian circle and Mercury transit timing observations, a negative secular trend of solar radius is still supported.’
    • ‘I found my first meridian circle outside a house in Crownfield Road.’
    • ‘Ertel also designed meridian circles for the observatories of Christiania, Glasgow and Warsaw.’
    • ‘Hour circles on the celestial sphere compare with the meridian circles or meridians of longitude of the earth.’
    • ‘So well, new instruments are ordered and installed in NOA, a 16 cm meridian circle and a 40 cm refractor.’
    • ‘During the period of eternal day the sun will be seen on the meridian circle above the horizon twice each day.’
    • ‘From there, the exact time, determined via meridian circles at the observatory, is distributed throughout Bavaria.’
    • ‘It is different from a traditional meridian circle in that it adopts a rotatable mirror to replace the telescope mount for pointing the instrument, thereby any error caused by tube flexure is avoided.’
    • ‘The outline of these stencils is repeated for each parallel circle, since, by being concentric, the modulation of the meridian circles is variable.’
    • ‘For ease of reference, a calibrated brass meridian circles the globe, which features a fully detailed political map, more than 4000 place names, and mountain ranges in raised relief.’
    • ‘In modern transits, known as meridian circles or meridian telescopes, the observer merely presses a button as the star crosses each line.’
    • ‘Longitude is seen to be a measure of the angle between the planes of two meridian circles, one of which is the prime meridian.’
    • ‘Later the global meridian circle would be completed with monitoring stations along 60 degrees west longitude built by the US and Canada.’
    • ‘It has two meridian circles, which intersect at right angles and which can be moved about a common axis, likewise a horizon circle which is movable.’
    • ‘The use of new micrometers resulted in an increase in the efficiency and accuracy of observations with meridian circles, and considerably fainter magnitudes of stars detected.’
    • ‘In 1836 Giovanni Santini had a small octagonal pavilion built on the terrace above the Meridian Room, in which a meridian circle, a very precise instrument to measure stellar positions, was installed.’
    • ‘The tropics of cancer and Capricorn are meridian circles at altitudes 23 + degrees above or below the equator.’
    • ‘A meridian circle consists of a telescope attached to a large graduated circle.’
    • ‘The red circles in this picture are the Apollonian meridian circles.’
    • ‘The sphera solida or ‘solid sphere’ is ‘essentially a globe, on which the stars and principal celestial circles are depicted, and a frame of horizon and meridian circles.’’