Meaning of meritless in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɛrɪtləs/


  • 1Worthless or undeserving.

    ‘it's not an entirely meritless idea’
    • ‘Your political opponents could keep a meritless investigation alive in an effort to smear you.’
    • ‘Only Bocklin vies with him as the most ludicrous painter, not actually meritless, in Northern Europe.’
    • ‘Some say it's a meritless attempt to suppress embarrassing information.’
    • ‘His contentions about the GAO are meritless, and he should give them up.’
    • ‘He apparently values the viewership of 13-year-old boys who prefer to watch meritless, mindless cinema.’
    valueless, of little value, of no value, of little worth, of no worth, without value, of little financial value, of no financial value, meritless
    1. 1.1Law (of a case, claim, etc.) lacking some or all of the legal or substantive elements required to have a prospect of success.
      ‘we believe that the claims are meritless and will vigorously defend against them’
      • ‘The lawsuit the group has filed against us is meritless.’
      • ‘In the end, preserving everyone's right of access to the courts means tolerating some number of meritless suits.’
      • ‘If the case is meritless, the accused can file to be reimbursed for legal expenses.’
      • ‘A judge has thrown the case out, but not because it is meritless or unsupported by the evidence.’
      • ‘They argued that the list was mental or verbal, arguments the judge described as meritless.’