Meaning of merkin in English:


Pronunciation /ˈməːkɪn/


  • An artificial covering of hair for the pubic area.

    ‘For example, if a particular designer was contracted to do all of Julia's merkins for her latest movie, that designer might very well get a special credit in the film notes.’
    • ‘A merkin was popular during the 18th century, she said.’
    • ‘On the run from France for assorted crimes, he attaches himself, gargoyle-like, to the hotel as a year-round resident, and sets up shop in the town making hair adornments - from toupees to merkins to funeral jewellery.’
    • ‘So, let's not focus on the fact that her cover outfit makes her look like she's wearing a merkin (look it up) or that her piercings get more attention than her vocal abilities.’
    • ‘What to wear: well, a pink dress and a merkin does wonders for one's public image; trust me.’
    • ‘The upper classes were not happy with their new bald pubic look and so the merkin was invented, a triangle of ‘real’ fur that they stuck ‘down there’ to hide their embarrassment.’
    • ‘All those trendy stores on St-Laurent should have merkins in their windows.’
    • ‘I will be watching the results of the US elections with great interest - with a tub of hair removing wax on one side of me, and a chest merkin on the other.’
    • ‘One can do no better than to paraphrase Ambrose Bierce upon his discovery of the merkin, and ask: how can such things be?’
    • ‘It's also the only film, as far as I know, to feature a merkin.’
    • ‘The word merkin is one of the perpetual bad puns of the Internet.’
    • ‘When George stands up and says he is proud to be a merkin, we can believe him.’
    • ‘All you girls with this sort of hairstyle look as if you're wearing an overlarge blonde merkin over your unwashed brunette locks.’
    • ‘People were starting to get over the fact that I was an eight-foot tall merkin and I think, more than anything else, I have drugs to thank for that.’
    • ‘In trying to find a definitive explanation/the origin of merkin, this is prob the best reference.’
    • ‘She asked me if I want my pubes shaved but we decided on a bright red merkin, in a heart shape.’
    • ‘But there is a time and a place for everything, just ask any canon-firing merkin wearer.’


Early 17th century apparently a variant of dialect malkin, diminutive of Malde (early form of the given name Maud).