Meaning of mermaid in English:


Pronunciation /ˈməːmeɪd/

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  • A mythical sea creature with the head and trunk of a woman and the tail of a fish, conventionally depicted as beautiful and with long flowing golden hair.

    ‘Over the past decades he has created a menagerie of animals and mythical creatures, including mermaids and two-headed dragons.’
    • ‘Fabulous sea creatures, giant fish, mermaids and dolphins circulate through the hulls of wrecked ships.’
    • ‘The sea is the home of selkies, mermaids, these liminal creatures that slip back and forth between states as between elements.’
    • ‘In Hans Christian Andersen, the mermaids are unbelievably beautiful, and a male would not have had that lightness of line.’
    • ‘It had carvings of mytholical creatures; mermaids and fairies seemed to be most of them.’
    • ‘There are elves and centaurs and unicorns and mermaids and flying lynxes and all shapes of mythical things.’
    • ‘There were many beautiful and strange statues of mermaids and dragons and other mystical creatures.’
    • ‘With a Romanesque Revival exterior style, the interior has extensive hand-carved woodwork in the shape of mermaids and mythical animals.’
    • ‘Iphigenia suddenly realized without her mermaid's tail, she might not be able to swim at all.’
    • ‘Wendy was surprised to find the girl also had humanoid legs, and not the tail that mermaids of myth did.’
    • ‘His ears look like those sometimes depicted on mermaids, fine webbing, the usual wavelike sea-creature pattern, and gray.’
    • ‘And then, from the depths of the sea, beautiful mermaids swam up.’
    • ‘Ancient maps contained only the sea, colored with symbols such as mermaids, fish or vessels while the land was empty.’
    • ‘A group of beautiful red-haired mermaids were all screeching at the top of their lungs.’
    • ‘The thing rushed past his stationary body, jaws snapping at the mermaids ' tails.’
    • ‘It was made out of dark cherry wood and gold leafed in the mermaids and fish carved into the legs of the table and chairs.’
    • ‘Her day job involves research on mermaids, fantasy creatures as inaccessible as her ideal mate.’
    • ‘When she was a child, her nanny regaled her with stories about mermaids and other sea creatures.’
    • ‘The puppet characters will include magical sea creatures such as mermaids and jellyfish.’
    • ‘With her tiny feet splayed in a ‘V’, the impression of a mermaid's forked tail is complete.’


Middle English from mere (in the obsolete sense ‘sea’) + maid.