Meaning of merman in English:


Pronunciation /ˈməːman/

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nounplural noun mermen

  • The male equivalent of a mermaid.

    ‘We've all heard of mermaids, but know less of their male equivalent, the merman.’
    • ‘It is engraved in the centre with an Old Testament scene, surrounded by a broad band of mermen and sea monsters.’
    • ‘Then a cloud crept into his mind and, as Laurea watched, he faded into a ghost of the merman she had known.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, his friend Noel Fielding, who can get surreal without the help of wheat beer, won't stop wittering about shamans and mermen and people made of biscuits.’
    • ‘What if I don't care if the beautiful architecture of the city falls into the sea and all its inhabitants either drown or evolve into mermen?’
    • ‘The architectural elements are held together by sculptural decoration including winged terms and mermen.’
    • ‘We veer away towards the subway, through the bloated families and the preening mermaids and mermen.’
    • ‘Three times a day, behind a wall of four-inch-thick plate-glass, half a dozen mermaids - and the occasional merman - jive and pirouette in the world's only underwater spring theatre.’
    • ‘Among the subjects in the new publication are a merman, a dancing dwarf, three dragons and a ‘strange outlandish fowl’.’
    • ‘If I believed in the transmigration of souls, I should think I had been a merman in some former state of existence.’
    • ‘She learns how her mother fell in love with a merman, how her father was snatched away when Emily was a baby, and how her mother's memory was blocked by an agent of the merfolk.’
    • ‘There was one family that had a high incidence of webbed fingers and they were believed to be the descendants of a coupling between a woman and a merman!’
    • ‘We'll discover colonies of giant squid off Winchelsea and mermen in the Marianas Trench.’
    • ‘We must send out as much mermen and mermaids as possible to battle those squids.’
    • ‘However, the mermaids and mermen of the Pacific were ugly, angst-ridden hags with ape like features and brown hair covering their upper bodies.’
    • ‘Aaron, now the captain of ship called ‘Mermaid’, called out to the waving mermaids and mermen who were his friends.’
    • ‘Laurea watched as the mermen nodded and took the load from one of the dolphins' backs and distributed the items amongst the remaining dolphins.’
    • ‘Mermaids slaughtered in the waters as well as mermen warriors.’
    • ‘Mermaids relaxing on the shoreline giggling and talking among each other while mermen watched from afar.’
    • ‘For years I had secret fantasies about turning into a fish, a merman or something aquatic - but at the same time I refused to set foot on the beach or go swimming.’