Meaning of meronymy in English:


Pronunciation /məˈrɒnəmi/



See meronym

‘The table contains the attempt to classify the meronymy relation by using quantificational tags.’
  • ‘The paper does reveal a proper analysis of meronymy, once one penetrates the formalism and the notation.’
  • ‘The choice is yours: you can either continue to treat hyponymy and meronymy as being generally connected to synonymy, or follow the newer configuration in the third edition of the book.’
  • ‘The only type of meronymy recognized in GermaNet is the ‘is a component of’ relation, which is also the default value of WordNet's meronymy relation.’
  • ‘Extraction of other relations, such as meronymy, has been less studied, and where it has been studied, several shortcomings are apparent.’