Meaning of merriment in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɛrɪm(ə)nt/

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mass noun
  • Gaiety and fun.

    ‘her eyes sparkled with merriment’
    • ‘The festival of merriment and joy of sharing again had hotels and shops lining up some exciting events and gifts.’
    • ‘I heard gaiety and merriment, and then we reached the fire.’
    • ‘Of all deceptive things on earth nothing is so deceptive as mere gaiety and merriment.’
    • ‘The marriage to Kelly was a source of happiness and merriment.’
    • ‘Still, enough of this mirth and merriment, just because it's Friday doesn't mean we should go to pieces.’
    • ‘Then it is time for mirth and merriment, as he fulfils all his little wishes.’
    • ‘With Liam on the microphone it will be a night packed with fun and merriment.’
    • ‘Walking down the corridors of Pittodrie Stadium is like running a gauntlet of mirth and merriment.’
    • ‘How I'd like to make a post full of joy and merriment but there doesn't seem to be any available at the moment.’
    • ‘Much fun, merriment and large amounts of alcohol consuming will be the order of the day.’
    • ‘Much merriment and fun to be had by all accounts but not many appropriate partners to be found.’
    • ‘It is a night of singing, dancing, lighthearted merriment, and fortune telling.’
    • ‘His dark brown eyes sparkled with merriment and mischief.’
    • ‘Merry and Pippin develop strongly, as they do in the book, but still hold their mirth and merriment.’
    • ‘Legend has it that his ancestors used to make these signs for fun and merriment around the nomadic village.’
    • ‘Her eyes were also the same shade of blue, sparkling with life and merriment.’
    • ‘His eyes sparkled with merriment as he raised a dark brow in Hayden's direction.’
    • ‘In this land where the girl, Tana is her name, brought me, it is unceasing merriment and joy.’
    • ‘That would send everyone into laughter and merriment which would last the rest of the night.’
    • ‘The sound of merriment and happiness floated to Andriel on the cool night breeze.’
    high spirits, high-spiritedness, exuberance
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