Meaning of merriness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɛrɪnɪs/


See merry

‘The walk on the way home was filled with merriness and contentment.’
  • ‘The merriness of religious celebrations makes them contagious among the pious and not-so-pious - and so should it be with the joy that welcomes the post-fasting holiday, Idul Fitri.’
  • ‘The laughing merriness of the tune became more brutal, building to an orgasmic climax as Fisendon unleashed his signature jazz/thrash drumming.’
  • ‘Holi is a day of merriness without inhibitions.’
  • ‘Soon the merriness of the fiesta would be accompanied by horrific depictions of madhouses and covens.’
  • ‘You can calm everyone else's merriness, and, to boot, you can direct the taxi home.’
  • ‘There are times when it seems the Blazers coach lives in another dimension, peddling out-of-whack merriness that makes you want to fold out his ears, slap a goofball smile on his face and tattoo ‘What, me worry?’’
  • ‘Your parents might play a role in you being your melanthropic, silent, emotion-less, and cold self of today but I bet you secretly yearn for love, merriness, and hope.’
  • ‘The road was slick that day and the going slow, but Isobel's heart was light, and her merriness almost managed to lift the cloud that hung over Larek's thoughts.’
  • ‘There were no gifts, hardly any merriness, and merely a dull incompleteness in their hearts, for this was not the life any were accustomed with.’
  • ‘Her eyes retained a merriness, but her sigh was ragged and frustrated.’
  • ‘At the same time the merriness was accruing between the two brothers, Leigh was being taken to the hotel.’
  • ‘The smell of hay, wine and sweat rose and intoxicated the crowd with a new merriness and a new courage.’
  • ‘Dinner was almost ready, a thick stew bubbling with a traitorous merriness on the stove.’
  • ‘Gets the job done, but don't expect to be blown away or engulfed by Disney merriness.’