Meaning of mésalliance in English:


Pronunciation /mɛˈzalɪəns/


  • A marriage with a person thought to be unsuitable.

    ‘the loss of half a million francs only underlined the fact that her son was making a mésalliance’
    • ‘All three of the sisters' marriages were considered hopeless mésalliances by the husbands' families at the time.’
    • ‘Without a pedigree authenticated by fellow nobles, true nobility was unthinkable - a problem that could cause acute embarrassment to the recently ennobled or the progeny of mésalliances.’
    • ‘It can only be that the union would be a shocking mésalliance, or surely he would simply propose - what fool would turn down the Ashton fortunes, lands, and looks?’
    • ‘In like manner, the behavioral divorce from certain psychotherapy concepts (and alliance or mésalliance with others), has taken various forms.’
    discrepancy, lack of congruence, inconsistency, contradiction, incongruity, incongruousness, conflict, discord, irreconcilability, misalliance, mismarriage, mésalliance, bad match


French, from més- ‘wrong, misdirected’ + alliance (see alliance).