Meaning of mesomeric in English:




See mesomerism

‘The rearrangement of cross-conjugated mesomeric pyrimidines has been extensively studied.’
  • ‘Mesomeric effects are much better transmitted through bonds than the inductive effect; in the C 3 position, the effect of the the carbonyl mesomeric influence is still noticeable.’
  • ‘An indication of oxidation numbers or formal charge in Lewis structures and the resulting mesomeric structures is important in some branches of chemistry.’
  • ‘Some problem arose at the alkylation of aromatic thiols substituted by substituent with positive mesomeric effect in the benzene ring and various copper heterogeneous catalysts at the same time.’
  • ‘In this case the I effect of the halomethyl group is not exceeded by a positive mesomeric effect as for instance in case of methyl vinyl ether.’