Meaning of mesomerism in English:



old-fashioned term for resonance
‘Others illustrated mesomerism and steric hindrance, and one, drawn on the occasion of the award of the Chemical Society's Longstaff medal, shows the leading members of the Department at that time.’
  • ‘Increased colour value and build up properties were expected for the compounds now claimed, partly also in consequence of mesomerism experienced with similar groups.’
  • ‘In a preferred embodiment, the deactivation of the free electron pair of the nitrogen atom occurs by mesomerism and/or one or more electron-attracting and/or space-filling groups in the vicinity to the nitrogen atom.’
  • ‘He made contributions to the concept of resonance and mesomerism.’
  • ‘Scientists have discovered that benzene has got a very strong mesomerism.’



/mɛˈsɒmərɪz(ə)m/ /mɪˈsɒmərɪz(ə)m/